Madam Philomena’s Predictions for You!

Happy New Year! She’s back and ready to tell you about what awaits you in the New Year. My dear MIL, Madam Philomena, will take questions on writing and love. Phil wants to remind you that this is all in fun, and not to quit your day job just yet or marry that guy you’re corresponding with in prison! A birthdate is helpful, but not necessary (remember, this is the internet, so don’t give your full birthdate with year…).


8 thoughts on “Madam Philomena’s Predictions for You!

  1. Becka says:

    I’ll bite. πŸ˜›

    I have a feeling 2007 is going to be a “break out” year for me as an author. I’ve been feeling my career building up steam, and only just recently seen a spike in sales due to one of my book series.

    So my question is this. Is 2007 going to be a good year with regards to writing, sales of books, and growing a bigger reader base for Rebecca Goings?

    More importantly, will I ever buy more than just a fast-food lunch with one of my royalty checks? LOL


  2. Ciar Cullen says:

    You might want to avoid Taco Bell. Well, I know you better than Phil, but I’ll bite my tongue and just get to her thoughts. She says that 2008 is most likely to be your banner year, so to speak. Not that 2007 will be bad, it won’t. But you’ll go up and down with the tempting tidbits dangled before you. Phil says to kick back and consider carefully the choices you make now, get out your compass, and beware the points on the map beyond which there might be monsters. You should be in course charting mode, laying a long-term foundation. Phil says your enthusiasm will carry you to the stars, but make sure it’s balanced with a solid plan. Make sense? Something about something in Leo this year…whatever.

  3. Toni Sue says:

    Oh oh, do me again! πŸ˜€ You know all about me since you interviewed me. My birthday is May 24.

  4. Barbara Sheridan says:

    Oohhhh I want to try.

    My question is–Do you see anything “big” for the stories Anne Cain and I co-write?

    My b’day is Feb 13 Anne’s is June 1

  5. Ciar Cullen says:

    Toni Sue:
    Madam Philomena says “for Pete’s sake, can’t the woman pick a direction and stay on it.” I reminded her she said something similar to Becka, but she insists you are waffling. Juggle too many balls and they’ll all come tumbling to earth. Chin up, be confident, and work hard. And expect the unexpected in January and May. If it seems like a risk, take it anyway. (Well, maybe call a close friend first!)

  6. Ciar Cullen says:

    For you, Barbara, Phil says this is transforming time, and you need to sort out what things to leave behind and what stuff can stay in the suitcase. She suggests you think back to the 1990s and whatever lessons you learned then. Since the summer, you may have felt torn in different directions. Phil is sorry to report this will continue for a while, but bear up and bring your experience to the problems you face. Saturn is evidently doing some dance in your 7th house of relationships, so partnerships are important to reevaluate, and solidify. If you solidify, the opportunities are boundless. That sounds like good news for you and Anne.

    Phil says that like some others here, Anne needs to plan, plan, plan and not get carried away. Reign her in, Barbara! She’s all energy in early 2007 with very active stuff going on in a planetary kinda way, but the trick is to harness, focus, and channel all that potential. This could be Anne’s BIG year in a number of ways if she can focus. That also sounds like good news for you both.

  7. Becka says:

    Thank you, Ciar, and many thanks to Madame Phil! πŸ˜€

    **who knows all about that damned dangling carrot**

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wow!! Thanks a bunch!

    Barb Sheridan

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