Review: Trimates (Cascadia Wolves) by Lauren Dane

Lauren’s Trimates was voted as the best ebook of the fall, and I’m getting why. Let me get some biases out of the way. Shapeshifters are pretty much on the bottom of my list after vampires. I know, stop booing at me now. Or is that growling? Secondly, I have a lot of trouble with the machinations a lot of writers go through to create a plausible reason for menages. Sometimes I just throw the book against the wall. Unless it’s an ebook. My monitor is heavy.

So, going into this book with those two strikes on the scoreboard, and the potential for a third with the fact that I have not read previous books in this series, Lauren was like Casey at the Bat, except that she hit a home run. I’m still not a wolf person, but somehow the story made sense. The menage, while still at the edge of believability for me, was hot enough for me not to care LOL.

I think what I really like about Lauren’s writing, besides the clear characterizations and hot sex are her skills with dialog. Snappy, realistic, great stuff. I hate boring, stilted, puppet-like dialog. The book is modern, the dialog is modern. Lauren walks that difficult territory of creating vulnerability within alpha characters in a masterful way. Tracy is neither too stupid to live, nor is she overbearing.

Sexy, enough plot to make the sex make sense, and great dialog! Did I mention great sex? Thumbs all the way up on this one. The reviews got it right!!!


One thought on “Review: Trimates (Cascadia Wolves) by Lauren Dane

  1. Lauren says:

    Aww, thanks! I’m thrilled you liked it, especially in light of you not liking wolves and menages (which by the way, I’m very picky over too)

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