Taking Measure

I’ve been so blue, wondering why the heck I hadn’t written much in the last year. Well, I did finish Lords of Ch’i and The Biggest Kahuna and Love’s Alchemy and rereleased Mayan Nights and Princes of Anfall. And reworked Wizard of Time for Ellora’s Cave. Started feeling a little better as I looked at the list, then I thought, “Crickey, I don’t have anything new written. Nothing coming out!” What a panicky feeling!

I opened my documents and realized I have started six books, and I reread each. I was shocked–I like them! Why did I abandon them? I fell into a really funky habit in 2006 of abandoning books, searching for some kind of thrill, forgetting about working, about finishing. Suddenly, I love what I was doing, in bits and pieces, here and there when I had time. So, my goal in 2007 is to finish the following, but I have no idea where to start! Yep, the next conundrum:
Relic Hunters, a fantasy (13,000 of 60,000 words completed)
Wizard of Intuition, an erotic satire (3,000 of 20,000 words completed)
Steam Age Scandals, a steampunkish erotic thingey (3,000 of 70,000 words completed)
Knight Moves, erotic light historical (11,500 of 20,000 words completed)
Pele’s Walk, sequel to The Biggest Kahuna (5,000 of 20,000 words completed)
Unnamed erotic archaeological adventure (22,500 of 60,000 words completed)
Rewrite Unholy Vows (24,000 words, contracted)

How many unfinished WIPs do you have? Have you gone back, read them again? Sometimes it’s time to pull things out of drawer, isn’t it?


8 thoughts on “Taking Measure

  1. SM says:

    They all sound so great! 🙂
    I guess your question doesn’t really apply to me, but I wanted to answer anyway……
    I would so LOVE to one day finish “Thor’s Diary” as well as this semi-steamy fantasy sort of thing that I scribbled on note paper one night at work 2 years ago….

  2. Cathy says:

    How could a “steampunkish erotic thingey” not be treat to read???
    Happy writing, Ciar.

  3. L.K. Campbell says:

    I still haven’t decided what to do with my third WWII romance. I have a collection of about 12 rejections so far.

  4. Myrddred says:

    I have working on Relic Child for five years I think. Sometimes it just sits there and looks at me and sometimes it’s an integral part of me.

    I owe Loose Id my addition to the Collector series by April or May and I owe Aspen Mountain Press the second book in The Sacred Glade series.

    Boy am I behind.


  5. Lauren says:

    I try not to think about it, LOL. But it’s on my list to finish everything I’ve started before I start anything else new. I’ve nearly finished with a revision of one of them and the next one is on my to do list.

  6. Sara Dennis says:

    Ooh, steampunk. Do that one. 😉

    I have a ton of stuff I want to write. I’d really like to have the time to get my alt. history gladiator book done. That’s a big one.

    Not before the edits are done on other stuff, though.

  7. Barbara Sheridan says:

    I think I’m the Queen of Unfinished. I have 3 historicals, 2 paranormals and one contemporary.

    The historicals have key scenes missing and and though I had paper backups they are gone and I can’t recreate the scenes. *whine*

  8. anny says:

    Hmmm. I must have three or four 😉
    Current WIPs Eagle’s Silence and Chrysanthemum. I try not to have more than two at a time.

    I want another ANFALL book!

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