Contest and Review! Talons: King of Prey by Mandy M. Roth

Mandy Roth was kind enough to let me gush about her writing. Wait a minute… Well, anyway, she donated a copy of Talons: King of Prey, available now at Samhain Publishing. Wouldn’t you like to read it? I’m giving away a copy this week to one lucky, and I mean lucky member of my Yahoo group. All you have to do to enter if you are part of that group is tell me anything you’ve read of Mandy’s, or what you’d like to read of hers. But you have to be a member :o)

In any case, here’s what I thought! Mandy has my penchant for good one liners, but she comes up with better ones. This novella is chock full of them, as well as a sexy winged king who is incredibly lovable for no reason I could really figure out. What I mean is that it takes a lot of talent to create a compelling, gorgeous, sexy (oh, and she put in one of my all-time favorite type scenes…shudder) hero who you should think is arrogant but is actually so incredibly charming you fall in love along with the heroine. Kabril is our guy. He has to save his world, and lucky for Rayna, he has to swoop through a portal to Earth and find the nasty, smelly, icky Earthling the Oracle has predestined for him. She’s really not smelly, it’s just that he’s not a big fan of the planet. And he’s really not into the whole idea (“Nothing called ‘wooing’ could be good.”) Well, he changes his mind rapidly once he sees Rayna, who conveniently has a thing for avian nature. So the whole winged immortal thing may not turn her off too much. It won’t turn you off, either, I promise.

Mandy packs everything you need into a novella-length fairy story–love, sex, a world we’d all like to try on for size (even with its warring), some intrigue, some excitement, a solid secondary character, and oh, did I mention sex? Two wingtips way up–this is great stuff. You won’t be scratching your head over the deep significance of the story, but you’ll end up smiling as if you ate a nice, gooey fudge sundae. I can’t wait to get my print copy of the entire Talons anthology.

Don’t forget, a copy to one member of my loop! Contest ends Friday.


7 thoughts on “Contest and Review! Talons: King of Prey by Mandy M. Roth

  1. LISA WILLIAMS says:

    I am a member of your group loop and I want to read Mandy’s King of prey book, lol.

  2. Debbie E says:

    Hi Ciar,

    When I see Mandy’s name on anything, I smile and gravitate towards whatever it is: a post on the group, definitely her books = Yummy!, her pics, everything Mandy. I have had the pleasure of meeting Mandy twice at booksignings and she is awesome. I can’t believe how young she is for all the books she’s written. Her imagination is never ending. She definitely has a huge talent.

    And needless to say, she is an autobuy author for me. I would love to win her book. I have a thing now where if it is a duplicate = then I’ll find her a brand new reader/fan!

    I must confess though that my TBR pile is a virtual mountain but as they don’t have an expiry date, it’s all good. LOL!

  3. Jenn on the Island says:

    I loved King of Prey! It was my first Mandy M Roth book, and I remember laughing out loud at that line about wooing!

  4. mandymroth says:

    You all know how to make a gal’s day! *big grin*

    I’d like to toss a big thank you out to Ciar for not only taking time out to read and review KoP but for hosting a contest for it as well!

    Also, thank you everyone for your kind words and inspiring me to get my backside in here and write. (I’ve been taking a bit of a break)

  5. mandymroth says:

    Debbie…you are so wonderful! I loved getting to meet you and still use your gift each and every day! It holds my bookmarks and pens in my car so I always have some on hand.

  6. mandymroth says:

    Hi Jenn, thanks for taking a chance on me and KoP! In honor of “the line” I’ll go ahead and post an excerpt with it in it.

    Excerpt from King of Prey…

    Sachin cleared his throat, drawing Kabril from his thoughts. “My lord.”

    “What did I miss this time?”

    A chortle broke free from Sachin. “Did the ‘my lord’ give it away?”

    “Yes.” Kabril cast a speculative glance at his long-time friend.

    “Good.” Never one to refrain from disagreeing with Kabril, Sachin was a breath of fresh air in a sea of followers. “I was saying you should visit your soon-to-be-bride and win her trust.”

    “Win her trust?” he echoed, afraid his hearing had gone awry.

    Sachin’s lips trembled. It was easy to see his personal guard and trusted friend found great amusement at Kabril’s response. Sachin ran his hand over his black goatee and shook his head. “King Kabril, you must get to know the human, make her love you.”

    Shocked, Kabril jolted, almost falling off his throne. “Surely, you jest. Get to know it? Make it love me?”

    “Perhaps we should begin with you not referring to your future wife as ‘it’.” Sachin turned his head and Kabril knew it was to hide his smile. The moment his friend was composed, Sachin touched the dagger on his side. It was a nervous habit Sachin had always had. The man took great solace in the knowledge his weapons were close. His silver gaze landed on Kabril. “Tell me you were not planning on abducting your future wife.”

    “I was actually planning on sending you to fetch her. I’ve no desire to visit Earth.” The very idea made his stomach turn. Sachin couldn’t really expect him to travel to a realm full of heathens. No king would. At best he would linger near the Tocallie portal while he sent one of his other guards through with orders to procure books and other learning tools.

    “I am sorry but I will not go unless you accompany me, my lord.”

    “Do you dare to defy me?”

    Sachin leaned down and grinned. “Kabril, do not make me knock your pampered arse from that chair. You can and will go with me to find your bride. You can and will get to know her. Befriend her even. You can and will get her to love you. If I can still tolerate you after all of these centuries, I am sure she will at least be somewhat fond of you.”

    “Sachin?” he asked, his mouth agape. “Cease your blathering.”

    “Do not Sachin me, my lord. And I will not cease my anything. I have known you all of my three hundred and ninety-five cycles. I am permitted to uncover your veiled eyes when called for.” He assumed a posture of superiority and shook slightly. It took Kabril a moment to realize Sachin was laughing.

    Unable to stop himself, Kabril joined him, laughing from the gut. It felt good to release some of the tension he’d had locked away. In truth, Sachin knew him well. He knew that being direct worked to a certain degree. He also had a knack for taking an opposing view on a matter only to get Kabril to argue the point—all the while agreeing with Kabril. “Very well. It may be best for me to learn a few Earth customs.”

    “Actually,” Sachin said, “I have something better in mind. May I suggest you alert the Advisors you will be on Earth for many moons? Perhaps Iorgos should be contacted to sit in while you are gone?”

    “You wish me to call one of my brothers home to rule while I am on Earth for many moons? Now I know you jest. It is clear you suffer from the pull of the moons, Sachin.
    Mayhap you should seek the council of an old crone.” Since four moons orbited their planet, one so large it was seen even in waking hours, it was always safe to blame them for madness.

    Shaking his head, Sachin chuckled. “No, my lord. I do not jest and I have not been afflicted by the moons. There is much work to be done.”


    Sachin grinned mischievously. “Ah, the king must learn to speak as humans do, without drawing attention to himself. He must also learn the Earthly art of wooing a woman.”

    Kabril cringed. Nothing called “wooing” could be good.

  7. Cherie says:

    I am a member of your group and have never reaf one of Mandy’s books. Would love to read King of Prey. It sounds great.


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