Men and Women–I don’t get it

I just liked this picture–it’s not very relevant to the topic. But I had a few “moments” this weekend over men, and some of it drifted into my writing.
Why do guys assume if you think someone is a bimbo that you’re jealous? That pisses me off to no end. Can anyone explain this to me? Are women so jealous of one another, or can we legitimately be offended by the T&A takeover of media. Even the newscasters show cleavage these days. It bugs the shit out of me, honestly.

Sure, I’d like to be young and look like Cameron Diaz. Does that mean I can’t be righteously indignant? I mean, come on, just think about cheerleaders. What’s up with THAT?



3 thoughts on “Men and Women–I don’t get it

  1. Ann(ie) says:

    Men don’t seem to think women can be honest about other women. If we don’t like someone, it can’t be that simple. There has to be something else at stake: she’s younger, thinner, prettier, perkier boobage.

    To be honest, that’s not entirely wrong, at least with some ladies. I’ve had some difficulty maintaining friendships with women because I don’t get all the… indirectness. You take five friends and there’s a gossip circle. Susan will tell you quietly that Kate is mad at you because you forgot to call her back, but NO, you mustn’t tell Kate you know she’s mad. Susan will tell Kate that you had to take your auntie to the hospital and didn’t forget.

    Okay, WTF? Why can’t Kate own up to being mad? Because it’s not feminine to get pissed off? Better to bitch to Susan behind your back? God forbid you confront someone directly (which I often do) and it seldom ends well. I know there are more women out there who are like me, I just haven’t met tons of them.

    Men, whatever their other idiocy, tend to more straight-shooting when it comes to personal conflict.

  2. Becka says:

    Okay, Ciar, I laughed pretty damn hard when I saw that picture. LOL!!

    Fortunately for me, my DH and male friends don’t say I’m “jealous”; for the most part, they’ll agree with me. But I am disgusted by the sexuality in TV today. No matter what you watch, it’s there.

    What if I want my news anchor man to undo his necktie and the first three buttons of his shirt?? Why is that not acceptable?

    I’d probably be more likely to watch the news if that happened!! 😀


  3. anny says:

    Silly as it may be, though I don’t mind writing about sex, I find it embarassing to have to watch it in whatever form on tv, video, etc. Crotch shots, boob shots, etc., just make me want to turn away.

    Consequently, I don’t watch TV. It all got to be tooooooo much. I like people to be tasteful when they are in a public forum. In private? Hey, bring it on. Do whatever you want.

    My hubbie doesn’t have any idea what jealousy is and he wouldn’t come close to thinking I was jealous over something like you described. But I’m with you. Put some clothes on those girls.

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