Come and Post Your Love II

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s awards season in Hollywood, and online, isn’t it? It’s been a half year since we posted our love for an unsung hero. That editor, that best pal, that reader friend, that supportive husband, that baby who sleeps through the night, that girl who turned you onto ebooks, that cover artist, gas station attendant, waitress, boss…

Who deserves your love? Not the “oh, thanks for the congrats, Sammy Jo,” but real affection. Post it here!

I’m sending love out to Melanie, who crossed through several states to sit by my side at a booksigning for hours while I got over a flu. I’d never met her in 3D before. She’s a doll, a wonderful, wonderful person. Sending her all the healing and prayers I have in me tonight.


10 thoughts on “Come and Post Your Love II

  1. Rhonda says:

    What a great idea!

    I’m writing a huge thanks to my supportive manpanion (aka, my fiance), Bryan. He’s helped me get through so many rough spots lately, so I just wanted to let him know how special he is to me and how much I appreciate him.



  2. Diane M. says:

    The DH while he serves in Iraq.

  3. L.K. Campbell says:

    My husband. I don’t know what I’d do without him—at home and at work.

  4. Eden Bradley says:

    Oh, so many people to thank!
    Huge thank you’s to my two fabulously talented and endlessly patient critique partners, authors Gemma Halliday and Jennifer Colgan, for all their help with polishing my many manuscripts to a fine shine. Thanks to author Sasha White for making me realize I could write 65 pages in a week when I have to, and to author Laura Bacchi, for kicking my grammatical butt into line and making me a better writer. Thanks to all of my beta readers and brainstorming partners who have helped me over the last few years(and I hope I don’t forget anyone) Jax Cassidy, Eva Gale, Crystal Jordan, Emma Petersen, Lacy Danes, RG Alexander, D’Anne Avner, Kate Willoughby, Desiree Nauman, Sherice Smith, Lillian Feisty, Ash Arceneaux and Amanda Kelly.
    Thank you to Romance Divas, to all my Divas there, and especially to Jax and Kristen for thinking up the place-I’ve learned more, and found more support there than anywhere else on this long journey.
    Thank you to Bridget Midway, author and goddess of promo at Phaze, at whose feet I learned how to promote my work.
    And a big thanks to you, Ciar, for letting us all promo ho on your blog and loop every other week!

  5. Jenna Leigh says:

    My publishers for saying yes, and the editors for saying, no dear, that’s not spelled right, but you did make me laugh. My hubby and daughter for putting up with me 24/7/365. My critique partners for listening to me whine. Mechele Armstrong for being so positive that it even rubs off on me, the negative nelly. And oh yeah, I’m southern so my mama, the saint. She could somehow read this blog, and I so don’t want a whuppin.

  6. Dayna_Hart says:

    Diana for dragging me to RD in the first place.
    Crystal for showing me how to push my boundaries.
    Jen for making me think I’m good enough to sub my work.
    Imogen at Samhain for agreeing with her and taking my work in.
    Lisa for letting me phone her and whine when I felt a little insane.
    Superhubby for not divorcing me, and letting me go to Nationals even though I’m scared so bad I could use one of babyboy’s diapers. My boys for translating the words: Mommy’s on Deadline to “be angels til she’s done at which time there will be much chocolate and cuddling.” (the wonderful people at Hershey’s for making said chocolate)
    All of the wonderful women who contributed to the valentine’s collection at Forbidden Publications, even though I put them on crazy deadlines and then diddled with their punctuation. (Lori, Shelli, Crys, Jen, CJ, JT, Sela, Nonny, and Stacy, you rock!)
    CC for quoting me in an article, pimping me in said article and then telling me she liked my book 🙂
    And Ciar for helping me out when I poke her in chats to ask crazy questions.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Colleen, I wouldn’t have gotten this far without your support.

    And I’m finding it hard to keep on without you here. I do, because you would have wanted me to, but it’s hard.

    It’s been almost a year. I hope you’re happy in what ever fair land you’ve left this world for.


  8. AE Rought says:

    I am so thankful for my Samhain family, even though I am not a big part of it.
    Anne Cain deserves praise upong praise for her talent, certainly, but beyond that and most importantly, her sweet nature.
    And, my DH who loves me anyway, who takes care of me in all ways and for whom I wrote this poem:

    The warmth of your body
    caresses my cheeks-
    I lean closer
    to taste the silver moonlight
    on your rough chin,
    as I feel your chest
    beneath my palm
    in slow rhythm
    with my heart.
    In the dark
    comfortable silence
    I whisper
    I love you
    that you hear me.

    Thanks for the invite Ciar!

  9. Mechele Armstrong says:

    Boy, I’m a sap. I’m teary because I came here to thank people I love, a list long and numerous and found my name mentioned quiet unexpectedly.

    *snorts at Jenna* You are not a negative nelly. I can pull out the pom poms and cookies though if need be *grins*.

    I’m thankful for the hubby for putting up with my insane bouts of talking with characters. My girls for saying “Mommy’s an author.” The cat for using my arm as a pillow lol.

    I love my critique partners who cheer me on and make me better by telling where I fly and where I fall. I love my writing group, where I can go vent, post my rah’s rah’s and share the ups and downs of this crazy writing world. heh heh Jenna is a part of that, and I love her humor. She can take anything and put a spin on it that makes you laugh.

    I love my editor who teaches me so often to be a better writer. I love my LI family who has so many talented and wonderful authors, artists, editors, and management.

    Ciar, this was such a great idea. Mucho thanks for doing it.

  10. Lauren says:

    This is kinda long because I am a very fortunate person:

    First, foremost and always, I am so very thankful for my husband, who is everything. He’s unfailingly supportive, he listens to me when I’m down and kicks my butt to keep me moving. He helps me plot, listens or pretends to convincingly, when I prattle on and on about people he doesn’t know about and he talks about my books everywhere. He’s been my anchor and my heart from the first moment I clapped eyes on him twenty years ago and he’s never let me down, not even once. I’m the most blessed woman in the universe.

    My editors – Ann and Angie, who really work hard to make me a better writer.

    My friends – oh man. What would I do without my partners in crime? Seriously, I can’t count the number of emails and IM’s we’ve exchanged and they’ve helped me so many times it’s humbling to have friends like that. Along the way, so many authors have reached out to offer me advice and help – you sometimes hear about authors being mean to each other, and they can be, but in my experience, it’s far more a situation of authors helping each other.

    And my non writerly friends who’ve known me all along and still think I’m pretty darned okay.

    My readers – holy wow, a day doesn’t pass when one of them doesn’t do something that touches me. They’re generous and supportive and they make me laugh.

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