It’s Over

I’m silly, I guess, but it broke my heart that they had to euthanize Barbaro today. I, along with so many, followed his struggle. I’m heartbroken, always rooting that someday he’d at least be able to limp around a green meadow. Hopefully there’s one for him somewhere, if even in my dreams.


2 thoughts on “It’s Over

  1. SM says:

    Lady M just shared the news with me. We are saddened by the news as well. What is it, I wonder, about this horse? Perhaps the pure innocence of it all. Such a majestic creature, simply performing as we ask him too. He gave us his all. So much more than we get from some humans.
    I can’t even imagine the pain that his trainers must feel.

  2. Becka says:

    I know how you feel, Ciar. I blogged about him myself.

    It’s a sad end to an otherwise inspiring story. He was a good horse. Everyone loved him. He will be truly missed, by many more than just his owners.



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