Pretty Boys or Grown Men? What’s Wrong With Me?

Okay, maybe I could have found someone better than Leo, but he’s just so…pretty. My crush du jour I guess. Or at least he was very pretty a while back. I think I liked him better that way. Uh oh. Not hunky beefcake erotic romance cover worthy at all. No long dark hair, strong aquiline nose, bulging muscles.

What’s wrong with me? Does anyone else like pretty boys? Legolas? Poofters? Not quite light-in-the-loafers looking (not that there’s anything wrong with that!), but…well…youthful. Maybe that’s it. I like them young. Okay, so I’m not a high school teacher at least!


3 thoughts on “Pretty Boys or Grown Men? What’s Wrong With Me?

  1. Becka says:

    Oh, I’m right there with you, Ciar. Leo was one of my Hotties of the Week on my Babble blog ( As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found I do prefer men with more “character” to their face, however, I’m one to love the pretty boy as well.

    And, like you, I really only like Orlando as Legolas, with the blond hair. (I have a thing for blond men.) He’s handsome in the Pirates movies, but I liked him best in LotR.

    I also really really love Elijah Wood. He’s got a scruffy look about him, but he’s definately got “pretty boy” charm. But I’ve been in love with Elijah since he was 12 and I was 18, but that’s a whole other story…



  2. SM says:

    Ya know, if I was going to choose one of the boys, I would have to say that I am right on board with you. Especially Orlando as Legolas! There is just something about that Elfish charm.

    (I guess it’s only appropriate that I am more drawn to the “pretty” ones, isn’t it?)

  3. Seeley deBorn says:

    I do love Orlando as a blond, but Leo there didn’t do it for me until he bulked up for Gangs of New York. I just don’t go for the scrawny junkie look.

    I prefer them a little more rough and tumble. Mark Wahlberg comes to mind…

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