A Nonwriting Rant

Isn’t he young? I think my dad was 19 in this photo. He died about 20 years ago, but I remember all his war stories very clearly. At the end of his life, he had softened, become more liberal, even more than his blue collar Baltimorean roots. I’m not able to characterize my political persuasion easily.

The thing that got my goat this week is the number of people who counseled me on how to get out of jury duty. Get out? It’s a drag in this cold, driving an hour, waiting for the rinky-dink bus to take you to the courthouse. Yeah, I’ve bitched about it. But why would you try to get out of jury duty unless you have a legitimate reason? These are the same folks at work who hate our current administration but don’t vote locally.

I rarely wax patriotic, and it’s not even a holiday for it, but what does it mean to be a citizen? I don’t think it’s only a free pass to bitch and moan. It’s a free pass to stand in a parking lot, get on the damned bus, and do your duty. Okay, I’ll get off my high horse for at least a few minutes now….


2 thoughts on “A Nonwriting Rant

  1. anny says:

    I’m with you Ciar. Use your liberties or lose them. It annoys the heck out of me when I come across someone who doesn’t vote who then complains.

    Used to say, not part of the solution? Then your part of the problem.

  2. Jessy says:

    I agree. I’d be honored to get jury duty. To do my little bit.

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