If You Want to Piss Someone Off, Talk About Erotic Romance

I guess by now most of you have read Mrs. Giggles’ musings on erotic romance. I agree with a lot of what she says, and I found it a good reminder to really examine my physical love scenes for the senses and emotional content. But I came away from a few loops (and folks all over the place on the topic) thinking: this doens’t really apply to me. I’m not an erotic romance writer, never was, probably never will be. I write romances, and they happen to be explicit because the genre has changed and explicit sex has become the norm. I don’t do, in real life or in writing, BDSM, menages, and alien sex ;o) So I’d be rather uncomfortable writing those. I can write about imaginary places more easily that I can write about physical acts I haven’t experienced. Interesting. There’s a lot of pressure on romance writers to write hot stuff, there’s not a lot of pressure to write well. I wonder if Mrs. Giggles’ prediction will pan out–that the tide will turn. But which way?


One thought on “If You Want to Piss Someone Off, Talk About Erotic Romance

  1. Selah March says:

    I think – and I may well be talking out my patootie, here – but I THINK the more explicit/graphic sex will stay, but the need for sex in the first scene/chapter – and sex every X number of pages after that in every position imaginable and can we possibly stick some anal in there? No pun intended, and maybe the whole “but we have to have sex to SAVE THE UNIVERSE” thing – will fade a bit. Or more than a bit. And the focus will return to the actual relationship between two (or more, because polyamorous is great with me so long as it’s not just about how many holes can be filled at one time) people – the building of it, the pitfalls of a character letting himself/herself be vulnerable, the highs and lows of falling in love. And the sex will be there, just as raunchy or sweet as any subset of readers could want it, but it won’t be the focus – just part of the package, which is, after all, a more accurate reflection of real life.

    Wow, can I ramble on this topic, or what?

    As I’ve said before, sex scenes don’t turn me on unless I’m invested in the characters. If sixty or more percent of a book is sex and the character develop is paltry, I’m gone, no matter who the author or publisher.

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