Thirteen Things to Do While I’m on Earth

While I’m not an official participant in any Thursday Thirteen, I thought I’d play anyway (I was a solitary child after all). What thirteen things would you like to do while you’re still in your current body?

1. Make a cake that isn’t wobbly, undercooked, or plain ugly.
2. Go to Australia with Bruce.
3. Go to Italy with Bruce.
4. Go to Africa with Bruce.
5. Decorate an entire room in retro Tiki art and kitsch.
6. Own a house with a room to decorate.
7. Own Yankees season tickets.
8. Spend a month alone somewhere. Really alone.
9. Be able to say I danced every day one year.
10. Forgive myself for just a few dumb things.
11. Forgive the family. It wasn’t their doing anyway.
12. Help an old person, really help them.
13. See a ghost.


One thought on “Thirteen Things to Do While I’m on Earth

  1. Seeley deBorn says:

    Fun, isn’t it, to try to come up with 13 of something.

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