How Much Time is Enough?

AAARGH! Caught myself doing it again yesterday–no, not that. The whole “let’s see if I got a review” (someone will let you know, they don’t stay up for just a day), or “let’s see how I’m doing on Amazon” (just as poorly as the last time you looked, jackass) or “let’s see what’s not happening on loops today.”

How much time is the right amount of time to spend, well, wasting it? I’m not talking about real promo. Go ahead, announce a contest–that takes like, what, five minutes? Revamp your website once a month–an hour, max? Blog. Ten minutes. Visit a few blogs. Ten more minutes.

Readers don’t have to worry about writing time, but maybe they’d be better off reading than reading about reading?

BUT WRITERS! I know I’m not alone. What percentage of your precious writing time do you waste surfing? What’s a good play percentage?

My gut (which hasn’t been in the best shape lately, so maybe it’s not a good indicator) says that if you’re spending more than 10% of your time surfing and promoting, your writing time is suffering. What do you think? I have to continually remind myself to GET OFFLINE when I’m writing. How about you?


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