House M.D. vs. Every Other Show

Okay, I know you all watched “Heroes” last night. I can’t say anything bad about that show, haven’t seen it. You see, nothing will pull me away from House. And last night, Greg kissed someone, and it was a good kiss.

Hugh Laurie as the anti-hero is, well, perfect. Nasty. Not incredibly good looking. But I still love to hate/love him. I’d kiss him. I’d kiss anyone on that show, actually, including Lisa Edelstein, Dr. Cuddy. I think maybe she’s the reason I love to watch–smart, sexy, frustrated…it’s so damned refreshing to see a mature (okay, she’s only forty) woman who isn’t a complete neurotic mess. And there’s Chase. Just want to pull him into my lap and pinch his cute little cheeks before turning him over my knee. Omar Ebbs, my God, good looking.

The only thing I don’t like about this show is that you know you’ll never get the correct diagnosis until about 9:55. You’ll get a hint at 9:30, but it will be wrong. At 9:45, things will get pretty desperate. But at 9:55, paydirt. And we’ll learn something about Greg House, and he’ll either pop some pills or go home alone…or, as last night, actually reach out a little.

I know why I like House. It’s how I feel inside sometimes. Oh, and of course, that’s my campus center masquerading as the hospital. The helicopter circled just the other day for more exterior shots. I wonder how much they pay the college to do that?


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