Thirteen Things That Were a Waste of Time

Thirteen Things about CIAR CULLEN

1. Getting to know my Inner Child.
2. Weight Watchers. Three times.
3. The Ab-Roller.
4. Worrying about book submissions. It doesn’t help.
5. Worrying about reviews. It doesn’t help.
6. Buying lottery tickets.
7. Trying to read War and Peace. Three times.
8. Cleaning out my closets. It doesn’t last.
9. Signing up for NANO. Yeah, right.
10. Checking sales on Amazon. It doesn’t change them.
11. Trying to make chocolate pretzels. I ended up with a very large candy bar.
12. Surfing incessantly to look for the cheapest vacations to Mexico.
13. Trying to hide my writing from co-workers.

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