The Queen of Online Bad Habits

Do you ever find yourself doing things online that simply aren’t you? I have a bunch of bad habits, and if you guys catch me doing them, will you point them out? Here are a few of my least favorite things.

The dreaded acronyms. LOL. Why do I do that? Common parlance, I know, but I don’t really like it, and it’s not me.

I got into the habit of typing xoxo. Well, I really am not like that either. I had an edge, damn it! Where did it go?

“Awesome review.” I say that everytime a friend gets an “awesome” review. I never use the word awesome.

Hot nearly nude men. Hubba hubba. Eeeewww. It’s not me. I don’t drool over studmuffins on the internet. Why would I comment on them on the loops? It’s some kind of prerequisite to write hot romance? I would no sooner have my picture taken with a stripper kind of guy than have my forehead pierced.

Using the word hot. Eeeewww. Paris Hilton. Eeeewww.

I find myself dumbing down online. Why is that? Does anyone else catch themselves doing that?


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