What Makes a Great Romance?

Plot, characters, all that jazz of course.
It’s been a while since I felt the rush of falling in love. Love matures, changes, and lust and passion flow and ebb like the tide.

I watched a few movies this weekend, romantic ones, and they succeeded or failed in captivating me based on whether they captured what I’ll call the “falling in love rush.”

It’s a difficult thing to find in romances these days, but I think it’s essential, and I’m working hard to capture it in my works-in-progress. We see the same nods to the feeling–couples catch their breath, feel their blood course, heart rate increase. I rarely see it captured convincingly, though. The mind-blowing crush that turns into something deeper in a moment. Getting that moment on paper is difficult, but essential.

Here’s my tip: watch movies, the ones you find incredibly romantic, that capture that all-important moment. What is the couple doing, and what physical clues, along with the plot build-up and dialog, have led to the moment?

What books do you think really capture the essence of falling in love?


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