Mrs. Giggles Unmasked!

My sources have confirmed it–Mrs. Giggles pictured here, holding her beloved pet chicken. Or is that a rooster? Hey, I’m a city girl.

Mrs. Giggles has reviewed two of my books recently. Love’s Alchemy got a (I’m paraphrasing) “eh, creative, not bad, like the backstory more than the romance” and Wizard of Time got a “eh, junk food, not an unpleasant way to spend some time, liked the secondary characters better than the main ones. Humor a la Zelazny.” I really can live with those reviews, because it’s how I felt about the books myself. Love’s Alchemy is the second favorite book I’ve written (Ghosts of Key West, which will become available sometime soonish when I rewrite it is my first). But like Mrs. Giggles, I loved the backstory, writing the historical fanciful story of Isaac Newton more than the SoHo shenanigans.

Anyway, the Giggler mentioned she liked my voice and style and might review some more. It’s not striking terror into my heart–I know, I know. What’s to fear? So far, she’s been dead on with my books. Those are the reviews I would have written. The worst that can happen is that I get a confirmation of my personal self-critiques. Is she going to stop folks from buying my books?

My greatest fear is that she’s not going to like my lasagna, my primroses, or the tightness of the bedding corners in my guest suite. Okay, I don’t have a guest suite, I live in an apartment.

Come on Mrs. Giggles, reveal yourself!


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