I’m in a New York State of Mind

For something completely different… I’m outlining a “steampunkish” story set in Manhattan circa 1863. It’s a big project, and I’ve a number of other things to complete first. I wondered why I was so fascinated with this era, and then remembered two titles I read a loooong time ago. They are two of my favorite books, on my list of top 20 all time, and I guess they heavily influenced my tastes.

Most of you have read Time and Again, I’m sure (not the Nora Roberts one), but if you have not, please do yourself a favor. It’s romantic, intriguing, meaningful, and a time travel that teaches how time travel should be done. If this is your genre (either to write or read)–it’s Lit 101 time for you.

I am a huge Doctorow fan, and Waterworks is not his biggest hit, but I think it’s wonderful and became totally absorbed in it. You can probably find either of these at your local library. Branch out! There’s romance in mystery, and mystery in romance, and lots to love about these books. No, no throbbing members here. Simply incredible writing. Would you like to make any non-romance recommendations?


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