Thirteen Books I’ve Written

Thirteen Things about Ciar

I think perhaps I’ve written thirteen books in three years. I’m not sure! Let’s see if I can get there…
1. The Princes of Anfall–Samhain
2. Mayan Nights–Samhain
3. Dark Prince of Anfall
4. Unholy Vows–Samhain (coming)
5. Ghosts of Key West–Samhain (coming)
6. Wizard of Time–Ellora’s Cave
7. Out of My League–Amber Quill (Therese MacFarland)
8. Three Nights in Greece–Amber Quill (Therese MacFarland)
9. The Biggest Kahuna–Loose ID
10. Love’s Alchemy–Loose ID
11. Knight of Swords–Ellora’s Cave (coming)
12. Mayan Secrets–Samhain (coming)
13. Relic Hunters (uncontracted)


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