An Unofficial Poll

I’ve bitched about loops on my blog. I’ve bitched about blogs on my loop. I’ve cetainly bitched endlessly about loops on my loop. Now the inevitable–blogging about blogs on my blog. (I won’t do myspace–it adds a tenth dimension that would surely open a black hole in my life and suck my soul from this mortal shell…)
So most writers (scrapbookers, photographers, TV journalists) log on every day and wonder what to blog about. Last night’s “Dancing with the Stars?” Uh, no.
For writers, there’s the requisite “doing the happy dance” announcements (please, no one say that here). The releases, reviews, angst about blocks, angst about sales, angst about angst.
Some writers keep it cheerful. Always. I don’t buy that, and their blogs don’t interest me.
Some are incredibly clever and find lots of cool stuff. Others post their dog/trip/child pics.
Who is my blog for? I’m told it’s a marketing tool. I sure get a lot of visitors for an unknown. But truth be told, my blog is my diary. I’m not very clever, I don’t have kids, I don’t have many releases, and I’m entering a real non-newsy period in my writing, without new releases for a while. I’m writing, writing, writing this spring and summer.
So a question: why, who, where, when, wherefor do you visit writer’s blogs? I noticed Mrs. Giggles pulled off her blog because folks were commenting on it. Didn’t like writers’ feedback. Uh huh. I want feedback.
What do you wish writers would put on their blogs??????????? What do you wish they wouldn’t do? Not that I care or anything…insert cute foot shuffling little girl image….

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