Thirteen Things I See Every Morning

ADDED: By special request, the big lump in this photo a little to the right of center is the “horse” sculpture. We call it an armadillo. Perhaps it should just be called the lump. It’s really big, as I said below.
1. My cat Simon. He’s the first face I see everyday. He stands on my chest and tells me it’s time to get up–in fact, way past Fancy Feast time.
2. My husband Bruce. He usually gives me a quick kiss and hands me a cup of coffee.
3. The guy in our complex who is from Russia and is a painter at a local hotel. We’re on the same schedule.
4. The nursery at the corner–I always look longingly at the beautiful plants they have out. I’m holding out now–plant nothing in New Jersey before Mother’s Day (my mom’s words singing in my mind).
5. The Dunkin Donuts. Do I have time to stop? Not today.
6. The other Dunkin Donuts. Nope.
7. The circle from hell. If you’ve been to New Jersey, you know we specialize in horrific intersections–the dreaded circle or jug handle. At rush hour, it’s a free for all.
8. Ah, then it gets better. The road to campus, tree lined, now some trees in full bloom. Cross the bridge, take a quick peek at the water of Lake Carnegie. Sometimes the rowing team is out. (The opening shot of the TV show House uses this exact shot as its location).
9. Other souls scurrying to their jobs from the parking lot.
10. An awful sculpture (we think it’s supposed to be a horse) inside a building connected to mine. I always come close to banging my head on it. I mean, it’s really big.
11. My office. What’s the mood today? Lots of tension. Nevermind, it’s not about me.
12. My computer. Check emails, do the blog, check my loops.
13. Finally, the cafe. It’s back to the big horse sculpture and the cafe for too-bitter coffee and the inevitable angst over what calories I’m about to take in.


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