Who are your weirdest myspace friends?

Happy Monday! How the hell are you? Post your good news here.

I’m flailing about in the waterlogged state of New Jersey and just as waterlogged state of confusion. My “school” was closed today. My good news? Well, I did manage to befriend a few folks on myspace, along with the thousands of others they accept for promotional purposes LOL–but it is fun to friend folks like the Ghost Hunters (TAPS) cast, and people posing as Terry Pratchett characters… Who’s the weirdest person you’ve friended?

I managed to burn my fingers on a pan the other night, so I’m almost maxed out on my ability to type with my good fingers.

No edits yet from Laurie at Samhain. Hmnn…I think this is a bad sign.

Good news? I’m home, dry, safe and sound, sad for people at VPI, a little grateful for the things I have. Today, that’s good enough. Writing can come later in the week. How about you?

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