Wizard of Time Joyfully Recommended!

Joyfully Reviewed gave Wizard of Time, my EC debut, a recommended read! A nice pick-me-up! In part, the reviewer, Amelia said, “Wizard of Time is a hilarious, witty and emotional story about how emotions are interconnected, and how worlds can collide, and do damage to others. I absolutely loved this story. Trevor is a fantastic character, tormented by his love for, and refusal by, Morgan. These two are so perfect together. Who hasn’t, at one point in time, felt the heartache of a teen-age love that didn’t pan out. Watching Trevor and Morgan together was a treat and a joy. These two aren’t the only fun parts of this story. Least I forget, Gideon, Trevor’s lizard, who was supposed to be a dragon. Or the King and his passion for Trevor’s twin sister. At the Academy, there is also great passion between Professor Jordan Schrom and Headmistress Drussy Loves. Add all this together and you have a wonderful tale that will have you laughing, and loving, the characters and the story they have to tell.
The book is available now at Ellora’s Cave.


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