What Size is Your Pond?

This question really applies to everyone, not just writers. I suppose it’s a personality thing. Would you rather be a big fish in a small pond, or a small fish in a big pond?

As a new writer (I still consider myself new at 3+ years or whatever it is…), I’m fairly used to being a small fish. My ponds have gotten bigger (by that, of course, I mean publishing houses), but I’ve never had the luxury of becoming a big fish. Fortunately I’m not treated poorly, guppie that I am. It’s so freaking competitive that I feel happy to be fed regularly.

I was following a familiar discussion on the Romance Divas Forum (if you’re an aspiring writer, this is a very good place to visit) about “epubs vs. trying for NY pubs” and was very interested in the take on this.

Things were very different just a few years ago, weren’t they? If you saw a print book not from a big NY house, it must have been Ellora’s Cave. There were a half dozen pretty active epublishers, and what seems like a tenth the number of writers for them.

Hmmnn, I don’t have any grand conclusion, but I think the days of easily becoming a really big fish in a little pond (epublishing) are long gone. You can do it, but kerplunk!–next thing you know, you’re a teensy fish in the NY pond. Well, at least some have figured that part out ;o). Which would you rather be???


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