I’m Feeling Passionate about Bullshit

I’d like to start a movement–maybe we could sign a pledge. Like “I won’t drink and drive,” except aimed at Romancing the Internet. Here are some things I’d write into one:
1. I will never trash an editor publicly. I will instead politely request a new editor in the privacy of an email to the publisher.
2. I won’t trash my current publisher (and try damned hard not to trash my former ones either). That will only make ME look like an ass.
3. I won’t go on and on and on about anything. (I know, this is going to be tough for Ciar Cullen).
4. I will not use someone else’s name to further my freaking weirdo agenda. “I hear editor X just loathes editor Y and that’s why she murdered her husband. No, it’s true.”
5. I will no longer be surprised when Nora Roberts curses on a blog. I, however, can still be amused by it. Go, Nora!
6. I won’t waste my time visiting snarky places. It doesn’t leave me feeling good. I don’t mean Smart Bitches or Mrs. Giggles, but people with weirdo agendas I can’t figure out.
7. I resolve that everyone has their right to free speech (at least in the U.S. as long as it’s not politically incorrect), and unless they are inciting a riot or yelling fire in a building (and there are some others, I think), they are entitled to say what they please. That includes not liking my books, or anyone else’s, using any hurtful language they like. I reserve the right not to visit them and to cross them off my Christmas card list.
8. I will no longer waste my time defending the quality of any type of book, or attacking the quality. Ebooks, print books, picture books, photo albums, name it… I resolve instead to spend my time trying to write a better book myself.
9. I will, no matter how small a fish I am, pass on the help given to me by bigger fish. When a big fish is nice to me, I will take a moment to help someone just getting started. I will pay it forward.
Anyone want to sign up????


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