Random Thoughts on a Sunday Night

Yep, diary night, with no real focus. Had a lovely two nights in Ocean City NJ for my anniversary. It’s fun that our anniversary weekend always coincides with the Kentucky Derby–we’ve watched it twice in Mexico, from the Bahamas several times, in Key West, in Cape May, and this past weekend. Tried to ignore the stuff on Barbaro. Okay, I’m over crying for him, still…

A few days away from the computer can do a soul good. No flame wars on the beach–none that I noticed. I’m ready to tackle my WIPs.

You know you’re getting older when you exchange things like lawn furniture for anniversary presents :o)

We drove in to Atlantic City for some cheesey slots action. I’m so glad I don’t smoke anymore, I’ll say that for starters. I had fun, and once again vowed not to end up looking like half the people I see there when we go. Very troubling. If I keep dying my hair and pick up smoking again and start wearing shiny track suits…well, I’ll come damned close.

You can eat any trash on the boardwalk and it tastes good–funnel cakes, curly fries with vinegar, popcorn, fudge… Not getting on the scale for a week. Of course, you can also walk the equivalent of a marathon without knowing it. I think we walked for four hours straight.

My only disappointment, besides coming home, was that my husband decided not to exhibit his photos at the big street fair. Other folks with much poorer stuff were doing well. Oh, and that Keanu still has accepted my plea to be a myspace friend. I don’t know what he’s thinking. Or whomever is posing as him.


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