Who Are You?

Quick, describe yourself in about eight words or less. Duh. Right. I’d be something like “middle aged professional white female who likes…” whoops, ran out.
What I really feel like is this: quirky, funny, slightly depressed, somewhat neurotic, intelligent, curious, somewhat of a loner…

Now, to my writing, my author persona. Ciar (rhymes with beer) Cullen. My mom’s name. Who is she? Uh oh. How can I describe her writing, her brand, in a few words? I’ve been polling my loop and asking them to describe my writing. It includes contemporaries, paranormals, fantasies, and well, some steam. My pals were complimentary, but after I got past the “You’re really good,” I culled out some words. You see, I want my brand to be honest. I want readers to really know what they’re getting. Don’t you hate it when someone’s brand says “romance that sizzles” and you’d rather have bacon sizzling on the stove? Think you don’t pay attention to these things? I do. I am not likely to pick up a book if the author has a tag line with the words “hot, slap, tickle…”

Branding is hard work, and I’m learning that it’s quite important. I’ve simply avoided it until I knew what I really wanted to write. I’m getting there. And I’ve hired someone to help me. Because I don’t need a therapist–I know who the real Terry is. I just don’t know who Ciar is.

Do you know if your tag line is hurting or helping you?


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