Why Do Americans Love Australians?

Perhaps what I mean is, why do American women love non-American men? More precisely, in romances…

Jokes about hating the French aside, I’m fascinated by the American love of things English, Irish, Scottish, and Australian, including the men (and their accents). Most of my generation (nearing 50) grew up with parents with a strong sense of cultural identity as children, grandchildren, etc. of immigrants. My mom grew up in an all-Irish neighborhood in Baltimore, my dad in an all-German neighborhood. Then, of course, more melting with the decades and kids now (at least of Northern European descent) don’t seem to identify with any nationality but the USA.

So are we old ladies just longing for some fantasy of the “old country?” Is it the fascination with Celtic/Druid stuff?

Nothing explains our love of Australians. There are some stereotypes: laid back, where men are men, beer drinking, hard loving, hard fighting, free spirits. Hmmn, perhaps we long for a different era. Cause I bet those folks who go to an office everyday in a suit don’t talk about sheep much.

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