Thirteen Qualities I Admire in Friends

I’ve been thinking a lot about branching out a bit. I’m an isolationist by nature, but I’d like to socialize more with women in three-dimensions. It got me thinking to how hard it can be to invest in friendships, and why they turn sour. So I thought I’d focus on what I really look for in friendship.
1. I don’t care about education, social status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.
2. I don’t want to be a shrink.
3. I don’t want a shrink.
4. I don’t want a friend who is in an abusive relationship. I’ve found that to be very painful to listen to. It’s like being abused by proxy.
5. Women who are completely focused on child-rearing and I seem to not have enough in common.
6. Women who are completely focused on their appearance and I don’t seem to get along.
7. I need to trust that they will hold my secrets dear.
8. A good friend will tell me that I need a haircut.
9. I don’t drink, I’m in bed by 11, so I don’t make a good barfly.
10. A good friend would come to my booksigning. One did, and brought me a flower.
11. A friend would understand that writing is important to me, and it takes up a good amount of my free time.
12. I wouldn’t mind meeting someone who writes as well, but hey, that’s gravy.
13. A friend needs to drag me out of my hole, be more outgoing than me.

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