Sunday Musings–The Demise of Helpful Snark

It’s my writing day, and whoa, already 2pm. I like to get things going on Sundays with a good cuppa, maybe a cookie (seriously), and newly manicured nails. I have the coffee.

I’m been lightening up on my surfing recently, and I noted this morning with dismay that Ms. Snark, the literary agent, is abandoning her blog. Killer Yap will evidently screen all calls. This was one snark spot that I found funny, helpful, helpful, and helpful. Now we’re left with self-serving spots that claim to be snarkilicious, but are merely the romance writing community equivalent of “Entertainment Tonight.” Jerking off one’s ego in public. If you disagree with them, you’re not cool.

What am I going to do with this extra time, now that I’ve sworn off personal review sites (except for the ever classy Laurie Damron–see her link to the right somewhere)? Write, read, watch House MD reruns, get even geekier over Ghost Hunters’ return with new episodes.

Got me thinking about what would happen if your book was never, ever, reviewed anywhere. I think I’d like to try it on my next one and see if it makes any difference at all? Readers say they don’t care about reviews. I’m still not convinced. Hey, I pick books based on the cover, so what do I know?

I’ve actually met some cool folks on Myspace! I didn’t think it was possible. Aspiring and published writers, readers, musicians, even corresponded with one of my favs! I’m always late to the party.

I’ve been playing a game with the ladies at my local bookstore. I take the two copies of Lords of Ch’i off the romance shelf and stick them in the fantasy section (where in my opinion it belongs). I come back the next weekend, and they are shelved perfectly back in the romance section. They know I’m doing this–the manager waves and smirks when I enter the store (a really nice lady who asked me to do another signing). I hope she’s still working there when I write a book that must be shelved under fantasy. (Currently in the slushpile with an agent, but hey, one can dream.)

How are you today?


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