I’m Hopeless

If someone would have told me three or four years ago that I’d have a Myspace page, a blog, a website, a loop, and be surfing for my own reviews, I would have told them to take some meds, but not Cymbalta, because that makes you hear demons. (Seriously, folks, watch out for that one.)

I cannot seem to keep up. How the hell do these people do it? Friggen superwomen! I popped in at Angie James’ blog as I often do and read via a link a recap of last week’s Triskelion thingie, well more about the subsequent “are ebook writers actually writers” follow-up thingie. (Yes, they are, but I’m not sure about this whole writing ebooks to get ready for NY thing and I’m not brave enough to talk about it.)

How do these things get going and take on a life of their own? Maybe I move in small circles.

Anywho, from there, I was led to another spot that reminded me that Nora has a book coming out, which reminded me of her comments on Smart Bitches, which made me stop there. Then I remembered that I don’t want to stop there anymore because they made me mad (boohoo) and so I stopped at Triskelion to see if I could find Gail’s address. I can almost remember it, but it’s probably changed. Then I realized I wouldn’t quite know what to say, so I clicked on my Amazon sales, which is a very depressing OCD thing to do.

From there, seriously weighing the whole Cymbalta side effects again, I scurried over to Romance Divas because there’s usually someone who needs a “rah” or an “I’m sorry,” and I usually get a smile or feel connected. I saw a note there that said Samhain authors are chatting somewhere today, and so I f’d that up AGAIN because I didn’t log on until an hour ago.

In desperation to feel in control (don’t ask me why this might help), I went to Myspace and checked compulsively to see if I have more “friends.” You know, the other authors who are pushing their books and not interested in yours? Yes, a few more of them. Good. Feeling a little better for no good reason, I open my email and YAY, I really like the new cover for Key West Magic, another great job by Anne Cain! Woohoo. Then I realized that my manuscript for Key West Magic is open on my computer, and I’ve only reworked about a page of it. That was an hour ago. WTF?????? Full circle back to Gail, who edited the original, and the whole train of thought kinda starts over.

I haven’t bothered to go to my own Yahoo loop, because I can’t think of anything to say today. Now it’s time to cook dinner, and I got a page reworked.

Please, I’m Hopeless. I need a keeper.


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