Musings on Epublishing–How to Catch Sound with a Butterfly Net

You’d be hardpressed to visit a romance blog these days without some mention of epublishing. While the angles are different, some common themes have emerged. Is epublishing “real” publishing (of course). Is the quality worse than what I’ll simply lump together at New York publishing (sometimes yes, sometimes no). What are the benefits of epublishing (pushing boundaries comes up a lot)? Financially, a few folks say they make more money at it than with their new print careers.

While I haven’t been at it as long as some, I think one problem is that this is a quickly changing marketplace. I worked at a large print publisher (nonfiction) as it took a huge hit from the Internet (free information) revolution. While companies tried to adjust, everyone ran around like headless chickens.

Romance writers are in different stages, have different goals, and different abilities–the range is huge, right? So advice for one doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone. I’ve been trying to pull out the nuggets that may help me. I’m employed with a day job, don’t write the super hot stuff, and am trying to sort out the NY vs. epubbing thing.

Of course, the decision will be made for me if I don’t write a book that catches the eye of a NY house or agent. It seems to be getting harder to figure out what that book might be. So, you write from your heart, do the best you can, and keep growing.

Then, the epubbing as a career question. It seems to work well for some. I will add that it seems to work very well for those who write the hot stuff. The really hot stuff. Pushing boundaries.

So those of us who write explicit yet perhaps not boundary-pushing romance are left wondering…a lot of things. Epubbing gives you an amazing ability to cross genres, which is a huge help to para/fantasy/contemporary/whatever folks like myself. Epublishing editors get this genre crossing well, the readers seem to get it well. They seem to love it, in fact.

What do you think? Where do you belong? Why? And will the picture be the same in a few years, or months, or even weeks?


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