Thirteen Things I Like About Samhain Publishing

1. The covers rocks. Case in point, left.
2. The editors are good, really good. So good I’m worried about my next uncontracted submission. The good news is, I’m going to work really hard to make sure it’s a gem.
3. I have three books in print. Yes, this counts to me. And the checks are nice too. Maybe some day it won’t matter in an electronic world, but right now, it feels good.
4. I was forgiven for a horrendous posting mistake.
5. They’ve been patient with me as I’ve been with them (editor switches and all). After all, they have the power.
6. I feel support from fellow writers there. It doesn’t have that competitive feel that many companies do. I credit this to the company, which does not play divide and conquer politics. It doesn’t need to.
7. A lot of communication. You hear what’s going on, when it’s appropriate for you to, and when it’s going to affect you. Changes in scheduling, staffing, print scheduling, etc. It’s not always something you want to hear, but you get it from the source, not from the grapevine.
8. You can write the publisher, the editor in chief, and they write you back.
9. There’s a promotion loop that has been quiet, but I picked up some really nice tips from a few generous authors who know the ropes.
10. There are big name writers who are kind to new writers.
11. I have almost, almost, rid my writing of uneeded dialog tags, junk words, and miscellaneous things I really didn’t understand were such huge issues. It’s made a big difference.
12. Fellow authors aren’t emailing me every day to bitch and moan about the problems they are having. They don’t need to. I was as companies where this was an hourly thing.
13. Samhain has made me a better writer. I still kind gloss over the pronunciation, but I’m going to practice before NJ conference.


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