Ciar’s Favorite Spring Ebook!

Destiny by Design, Wylie Kinson, Ellora’s Cave

Thanks to the nearly 300 people who voted for your favorite ebook! I’ll review Wylie’s title this week. For the record, this book received a whopping 18% of the vote. There wasn’t too much wiggling I had to do after looking at all these entries, but enough that I’m glad I did it. Still, this book was the clear winner, and I look forward to reviewing it!

Voting is now closed, and please join me at the end of August for your summer pick!

One personal note: I know there are many wonderful books out there that won’t ever see a little poll like this, nor do I actually think that voting necessarily reflects the merits of each of these titles. 300 votes is not statistically significant, especially when I am only getting visits from folks who know me, know my blog, etc. Please understand that I know these things.

Here’s to all of us wonderful ebook writers!!!!!! Long live diversity!
Books to check out, in no particular order!
Singled Out, Jennifer McKenzie, Cobblestone
Immorati, MK Mancos, Triskelion
Six Foot Hero, Shea McMaster, Triskelion
Sex and the Single Werewolf, Sierra Dafoe, Changeling
Southern Submissives: Katie, J.C. Wilder, EC
Triple X, Amelia June, eXtasy
Compulsion, Cassandra Curtis, Amber Quill
Hara’s Legacy, Bianca D’Arc, Samhain
The Ocean’s Shadow, Jennah Sharpe, Samhain
Adrien English Mysteries: Fatal…, Josh Lanyon, Loose ID
Wyvern, Grace Draven, Amber Quill
Shifting Tides: Beneath a Midnight Sea, Cassandra Curtis, Amber Quill
The Commander’s Slvae, KS Augustin, New Concepts
IronHorse Rider, Adelle Laudan, WildChild
Love’s Blessings, MG Braden, By Grace
Checkmate, Annamarie McKenna, Samhain
Alitus, Tales of the Chosen, Kayelle Allen, Liquid Silver
Cards Never Lie, Heather Hiestand, Cerridwen
The Wolverine and the Jewel, Rebecca Goings, Samhain
Not Without Risk, Sarah Grimm, Triskelion
Be My Hero, Nell Dixon, Moonlit
The Red Storm, Zinnia Hope, Lavendar Isis
Crystal Clear, Ericka Scott, Cobblestone
The Protector’s Destiny, Kiera Black, Triskelion
Taliff’s Cure, Bonnie Rose Leight, eXtasy
Feral Domination, L.A. Day, EC
A Master’s Love, Marty Rayne, Loose ID
The Bakkar Bride, Jewel McGuire, Triskelion
Coming Home, Dee S. Knight, Whispers
Alien Overnight, Robin L. Rotham, EC
Chrysanthemum, Anny Cook, EC
Destiny By Design, Wylie Kinson, EC
Spin Devil, Red Garnier, EC
Tea for Three, Anne Douglas, Loose ID


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