The Non-Sinking Sheep of Love

I opened my email today and found a special message, so special it was hard to go on at work. The spellings are not mine. Have you received a special message today? Besides telling you that you can acquire a twelve-inch d!cK? Sigh.

Privet, my friend

I believe that we will succeed. I believe that we will take the non-sinking
sheep of love and will go far away to the ocean, on the waves of unopened
passions, we will open the doors of wishes and dreams which never happened
yet… You should know that there is a lady in this world, I am here for you,
and for me your name is not just an empty sound, for me you are a man who
will always be gentle and caring with me. Let the memories of me come to
you each time you read my words, I still believe that I can be happy and
that you will reply to my brave letter for you at []

And I will write my letters to you and will greet you: Hello, My Destiny! It’s
me again!




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