Thirteen Things I’d Like to Know

But have felt too stupid to ask.

1. What is “Who Let the Dogs Out?” about?
2. What the hell are Tim Tams?
3. What makes weird hairs crop up in weird places as you age?
4. Is wine good for you or bad for you?
5. What does MEME mean?
6. Do people really think the Pirates movies are good, or do they just like the way Johnny Depp looks? And if so, why don’t they like other movies in which he looks better, and cleaner?
7. Does anyone really buy my books? I get royalty checks. But I never actually hear from anyone but reviewers. Is that a bad sign?
8. Why are people on my 450-member loop? I only hear from about ten of them. Did the rest move to a non-internet realm?
9. Why do people like vampires? I don’t. Okay, I like Stuart Townsend as a vampire, but that’s him. I’d like him doing just about anything.
10. When did the pronunciation of nuclear become nucular? Is it a different kind of energy? I’m not up on my physics ;o)
11. Does the mob still run Atlantic City?
12. Why is M/M suddenly so popular? I asked people on a big loop about two men kissing about three years ago and they all went “yuck.” So I wrote it out of my Anfall book. Dang.
13. Why is it okay to have a license plate with the phrase “You’ve got a friend in PA”? You’ve got=you have got. You have got?


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