Guest Blog Friday: Samhain author Michelle Cary

First, before I get off on my tangent I want to thank Ciar for giving me this great opportunity. I look forward to becoming part of her blogging community and hopefully make some new friends in the process. Thanks Ciar, you’re the best.

Sometimes I hate my computer…or more exactly the internet and all those stupid codes and rules you have to follow. I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m not as computer savvy as I used to be, but I thought they were supposed to be making computers MORE user friendly, not less. Okay, so now that I’ve ranted, I’ll explain. I have my own blog, which sometimes kicks my butt with all the html codes and um…stuff, that I have to do. And navigating that is hard enough, but now I have an entirely new problem. When I set up my yahoo account years ago, I had no idea at the time that years later I would find myself writing and using this account for an entirely different purpose.

I recently received my first ‘fan e-mail’ and would love more than anything to respond. The problem is I set up my account under my real name, not my pen name, because of course my pen name didn’t exist yet. Now that I’m an author of…well, let’s just call it racy romance, I want to keep my family away from what I’m doing. In other words, you don’t like what I do, take it out on me, not them. But I’m getting off track aren’t I?

All right, so now I want to change the way my e-mails are sent so that my pen name and not my real name show and I have yet to figure it out. So, I guess my real question is; why do they have to make this stuff so hard? I’m a writer not a computer programmer!

Oh and if anybody’s actually interested, I do have a blog and a website of my own. Stop by and drop me a line at my web site or my blog.


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