Dear Francis,

I can’t believe a whole week has gone by. Today was bad. Well, it started last night. After a day on the boat, a nice meal, we had a terrible drive home. Took the wrong road, and ended up two hours off course. That’s hard when you live an hour away from the shore. Sigh. Not the end of the world, of course. But when a guy does something like that, you really, really hear about it. Especially since he got up at 4 and we got home at 1.

7/7/07 was not kind. It drifted into today. Didn’t accomplish a thing. Wait, that’s not true. We discussed “issues” for hours while doing laundry and grocery shopping. So my neglected WIP stays neglected.

I don’t know how people separate their real lives from their real writing lives. If I’m exhausted or upset, I simply cannot write a word. My brother says it’s because of the way I write. Given that I’m a “panster,” (hey, I heard that Jackie Collins is too), I’m just tapping into the unconscious, not the logical part of my brain. That’s all tied to emotions, and whoops! BLOCK.

I don’t know about you, Francis, but I wish there were some way around this, because it robs me of so much time. My goal this week is to learn how to plow through even when times are not great. Perhaps it’s a search and destroy junk word day? Something simple, not very creative–use the logical part of my brain.

Oh, and Francis, Roger Federer won. He’s squeezable. And he always looks so clean, even after hours of tennis. I bet he smells good.

Okay, let me try a little editing, and I’ll see if that works. I wonder how anyone else writes when they’re dealing with real life?



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