How long has it taken you to discover, really know who you are as a writer (if you are one; if you aren’t, this all still applies I think)? What’s your voice? What’s your genre? What are your goals? I think it’s taken me about four years, and all things considered, that’s not so bad.

Any of you who know me are not surprised to hear that I’m neurotic, self-absorbed (in an okay way), self-exploratory, a bit self-indulgent, and very psychoanalytical about everything I do. Or psycho, depending upon how much I get on your nerves.

Point, Terry, point, get to it. I am not an erotic romance writer, or at least, that’s not my goal. I’ve written erotic romances. I’ve learned a great deal from those experiences. But the books of my heart, those to be written, are probably not very graphic. They certainly don’t involve bondage, menages, or use of the c and p words. They will no doubt be about love, and probably a couple, but they are not about a developing sexual relationship. I know, I know, erotic romances are like that too. But erotic romances in the epublishing world are moving further away from what feels like “me.”

This has been creeping up on me for a while, perhaps since I started. And the now unfairly infamous (and still very lovely woman) Gail Northman was the one to point out to me that I should not write out of my comfort zone. For this reason, I recently pulled a book from the pile of “accepted but haven’t signed the contract” at Ellora’s Cave. I can hear those of you trying to get in there throwing things at me.

Who knows? I could be making a huge mistake. Brava, all these hot new NY lines… What hope do I have of writing a fantasy or literary fantasy or fantasy romance or romance that will be accepted by a company without the very hot stuff?

What do I have in me? I’ll find out this fall when I start writing it. I only know that I’m looking forward to it.

How about you?

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