The answer to everything

Husband is sleeping now, pumped full of Tylenol, gatorade, and acid reducers. The combo of flu and heartburn made us rush to the hospital, thinking the big guy was having the “big one.” Just a virus. So a little quiet in the afternoon on a gorgeous day. After this, I’m going to work on my book, and I’m looking forward to it. It struck me that this might be the answer for which I’ve been searching.

So here’s my plan. When things get me down, I will either

1. Write or
2. Go for a walk or
3. Cry or
4. Stretch
5. All of the above

RWA got you down? Write a book.
Your publisher folded? Cry, go for a walk, write a book.
Got a bad review? Stretch, cry, go for a walk, write a book.
Rejection? Write a book.
Pissy post get you down? Go for a walk.

I’m suggesting these things because if you’re like me, you’ll typically waste time fretting, surfing, posting, and surfing some more. Think of what you could accomplish with my 5-step program ;o) You’d get out inner angst by crying, get in your half-hour a day of excersize, be limber and improve your stress level, and have many books written.

Now doesn’t that sound better?


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