Drollerie Press Scavenger Hunt!

I thought this was noteworthy, given the wonderful prizes. Gotta love a little book hunting :o) Enjoy,


Come see what Drollerie Press and their authors have for you to discover. Start with our scavenger hunt.

Contest runs from July 13-July 20th of 2007.

The first unique winner of each day will receive one story. All correct entries will be entered into a drawing to win the whole thing–a copy of all stories in the winner’s preferred format.

Friday the thirteenth’s winner will receive a copy of A Necklace of Rubies
Saturday the fourteenth’s winner will receive a copy of Falling
Sunday the fifteenth’s winner will receive a copy of The Orb of Enori
Monday the sixteenth’s winner will receive a copy of Ja’el
Tuesday the seventeenth’s winner will receive a copy of Provenance
Wednesday the eighteenth- one winner will receive a copy of A Kiss to Wake You
and one winner will receive a a copy of Every Word I Speak
Thursday the nineteenth one winner will receive a copy of Shepherd to the Wolves
and one winner will receive a copy of Monday Night at the Vampire Lounge
Friday the 20th, one winner will receive a copy of Atlantis 1999
and one winner will receive a copy of Survive My Fire.

Find the DP logo at
http://drolleriepress.com/?p=92 and fill in the blanks.
In Tala Bar’s story Ja’el, our heroine is engaged to be married at the ripe old age of __________. In Elena Murphy’s Provenance, however, our
submissive _______ is all man. In Deena’s free read The Drawing of the Sea, our heroine is a woman with an obsession, and she’s old enough to
live with the consequences.

Go to http://www.apenandfire.com/ Cindy Lynn Speer’s website, author of “A Necklace of Rubies” and “Every Word I Speak” Answer this question: I am told that people keep ______________ as pets.

Go to
“Survive My Fire” will be released in July. Finish the sentence below the DP logo: Love is the greatest gift of all, and the greatest _____________.

Go to http://debg.livejournal.com/691803.html, Deborah Grabien’s Live Journal, author of “Still Life with Devils” coming in November. Fill in the blanks: Mara ________ in the dark and listens to ______.

Go to http://www.timmulcahy.com/?q=node/583, Tim Mulcahy’s blog, author of Monday Night at the Vampire Lounge, and fill in the blanks: Compared to the Vampire Lounge, Vegas looks like a church social. When you step into the world of blood letting, daytime morality is irrelevant. This is the world of ____________, sharp teeth and razor blades, where pain and pleasure come together in a red cocktail.

Go to http://www.imogenhowson.com/, Imogen Howson’s website, author of Falling. Look just below the DP logo. To what does the hero of the story compare Linnet?

Go to http://riani1.livejournal.com/164433.html, Connie Neil’s Live Journal. Look for the mention of her story “Shepherd to the Wolves” Father ____ is mentioned above the DP logo.

Go to http://www.JenniferCloud.com Jennifer Cloud’s website. Look for her novel, Restless Shadows, coming on August 3rd. Fill in the blank: _____________ has a troubling gift.

Go to http://personal.picusnet.com/prof/home.htm, John Rosenman’s website, author of Alien Dreams coming in September, and fill in the blanks: Alien Dreams explores the following question: How much ______can the human mind take?

Go to http://towersofgrey.livejournal.com/, G. L. Simmon’s Live Journal, author of The Orb of Enori. What mood was Towers of Grey in when he posted about the scavenger hunt?

Email your answers to Cloud Jennifer at Gmail.com (Remove spaces and change at to @) Please put Drollerie Press in the subject line.
Contest winner determined by the first e-mail received (verified by date/time stamp) with all correct answers. Not responsible for
undelivered e-mail.

Visit Drollerie Press at
Once upon a time…

Look to Drollerie Press for the quest, the coming of age tale, the epiphany; the myths of who we are and where we come from; stories
about magic, love, mystery, life. Those are the ones we want to share.


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