Kittens in Crisis–$1 Cat Sale

Did you know that during the summer, thousands upon thousands of kittens come into shelters and are euthanized? If you live in the Philadelphia area, please consider this sale! You adopt no matter where you live. Please don’t put off spaying or neutering your cat. You can always find a place that will do it for free.

Cat “Dollar Days,” July 18-Aug. 1

PAWS announces the return of its summer cat adoption promotion: “Dollar Days.” Between July 18 and August 1, the adoption fee for a cat will be only $1. The two-week event, during these summer months when literally hundreds of animals come into the shelter each day, is one way PAWS is working to save the lives of Philadelphia’s homeless animals.

When you adopt a cat, you will be able to adopt a second one at no additional charge. Owning two cats involves little more expense or trouble than owning just one. In addition, it provides each with a companion, saves two lives rather than one, and provides space in the shelter for two more animals waiting for a home.

If you have been considering adopting a new best friend, we urge you to come in and meet the cats just waiting for a chance at life. By opening your home to a PAWS cat (or cats), you will truly be saving a life that may not have a chance without your kindness. Especially now, during the height of “cat season,” there is simply not enough room or resources at the shelter to accommodate all of the animals who come in. Those who are not adopted or placed in foster care are often euthanized. With your help, though, we can put an end to the killing of animals simply because they don’t have a home.

During last year’s “Cat Sale,” 576 cats found forever homes. This year, the event will last a full two weeks in an effort to save even more lives. Please join us!


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