Not the punk band, but the Italian-American word that means bogus. I love the sound of that word, especially rolling off the tongue of someone who has heard it around the house their whole life. You hear it once in a while in New Jersey.


What do you dub fugazi? And no, this blog is not an appropriate answer. I nominate Dear Author and Smart Bitches (the former site I actually really like) for rehashing old RWA bruhahas. Must be a slow ratings time for romance review blogs. I’m looking forward to the next conference only so there will be new controversies–hats and such.


Mrs. Giggles, for getting rid of her blog when folks started talking back. She gave me pretty good marks overall on a number of books, so no, this isn’t bitterness talking. I even sent her a get-well note.


Go on, get it out of your system. What irked you today? It doesn’t even have to be about the internet or books.


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