Final Line Editors–Who Are These Mysterious People?

I recently received final line edits on a book coming out September 17 called Unholy Vows (Samhain Publishing). I usually just answer the questions without much thought and pop them back into cyberspace.

This time, however, the FLE, as they are known, told my editor she enjoyed the book. She was no longer a complete mystery, known only by marginalia, snippy or otherwise. Her name is Judith. Somehow knowing her name made me feel as if she were a real partner in this tiny enterprise of mine–this one book.

How does Judith do it? “Elsewhere, you lowercased this…” I did? “This character laughs several times in the same scene…” He does? “Did you mean to say…?” Why yes, I did!

It’s a different kind of eye, this fresh eye, this all-seeing eye. Judith was great. Thanks.

It’s funny when your editor and line editor get in arguments in the margins, back and forth all snarky and all. I love that. Judith isn’t like that, nor is Laurie. Shame, that.

So next time I get edits and I don’t know my line editor, I’m going to ask her name. And if you know the name of the woman pictured here, than you’re at least my age ;o)

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