Thirteen Things I’m Thankful For at 50

I’m taking an internet break to visit family and celebrate my 50th birthday. See you cats on the 15th.

Yep, the big one on August 6. I’d love a chance to talk to that little towhead and tell her a few things, but I think she would have been too interested in chasing butterflies to listen.

1. My husband. If I go into details I’ll cry, but a second chance at true love was a gift from God.
2. My family. They’re nuts, a few of them are really ill, and I love them all.
3. My job. Yep, it has its days, but I’m blessed to have it. It’s secure, interesting, and I work in a wonderful setting at Princeton.
4. My health. It’s not perfect, but right now, it’s good enough.
5. My ability to run, do yoga, take long walks, speak, hear, see, type, dance, have sex, throw a softball (badly).
6. My cat. He makes me laugh daily.
7. My country. I know, there’s an awful lot wrong with it, but there’s a lot right about it.
8. That I have been published. It’s icing on the cake, and I love icing.
9. My personality. I don’t rub everyone the right way, but I’m actually someone I wouldn’t mind being friends with.
10. My body. My hate-love relationship will always persist, no doubt. But I release my need to lose ten pounds.
11. My memories, good and bad.
12. My intuition. It’s very good, and I want to try to let it guide me more.
13. The future. I don’t know what it holds, of course, but I’m ready to take it head on.

Happy birthday to me.


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