Hi Piers! Are You a Believer or Not?

If you are a writer and have thought about epublishing, no doubt you’ve stumbled upon Piers Anthony’s Hi Piers site in which he publishes a kind of rap sheet on epublishers and vantity publishers. (Oh, no, don’t start that RWA thing up again.)

I’m a fan. Here’s how you become a fan. You start out by thinking his methods are madness. After all, the man is mad (and if you haven’t read Xanth, you won’t know what I mean). And he’s born on August 6, and everyone born on that date is nuts. Ahem.

So first you dismiss Piers’ site as not being trustworthy–why, the bad report on a publisher could be an angry author who didn’t sell something because his book stinks. Hmnn. A second bad report. Ten more. The publisher doesn’t respond. Oh, look, a few satisfied authors respond. Four more bad reports. Uh oh, people aren’t getting paid. Big uh oh, the site is down. The company bit the dust. Don’t believe it’s that simple? Go look.

This man has been around the block, folks. He has an agent, and he also knows a good contract from a bad one. A grab of rights from a fair request. What an audit clause is. What might be a bad sign. Sometimes a publisher cleans up their act as a result of his posts.

Is it science? Hell, no. Is it worth checking out on a regular basis? Hell, yes. He’s a good guy, folks. Write him and he’ll write you back. This site has a lot of detractors, but I became a fan, because 9 times out of 10, the reports pan out. Remember, he’s just telling us what folks have told him. Take a peek. You might be glad you did.

Do you love or hate Hi Piers?


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