How do You Score

I’m cutting out cheese. I love cheese. But cheese makes me fat. This time I’m not counting calories or doing “points” or anything that requires me to keep track of what I’m doing. I’m having enough trouble getting home. Hey, I just got Navy blue nailpolish in the middle of August on my fingers and toes. I mean, on the nails. That has nothing to do with this post, actually. See what I mean?
I’m talking about bad author/reader/reviewer behavior.

Grab yourself a point for each of these things that apply to you. I dare you.

1. I am the romance community’s expert on several topics, and look for every chance to prove it.

2. I finish threads with comments like “case closed” or “nuff said,” implying that I’ve had the final say. It’s odd how well it works, too.

3. I am a frequent drive-by poster, stopping in only to thank folks for their congratulations.

4. I forget that tone and content are two different things. That body language and smiles are missing in emails, and my messages can be taken differently than I meant. I forget that is true for others as well.

5. I publicly kiss ass of agents, editors, publishers, big name authors, even when what I’m doing is transparent to them and other readers.

6. I don’t thank people for sending me contest wins, presents, congratulations, reader comments, etc.

I scored a four. Got to work on that. How did you do?


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