Who Can I Sue?

I live in New Jersey, the Nanny State. Local legislators are trying to pass a law (they may have) in which it’s illegal to smoke in your car if children are present. That’s good, you might say. Wait. Lots of things aren’t good for kids. Like when you have a knock down drag out yelling match with your husband and your kids can hear you. Would you like to be fined for that?

Fat people are insurance risks, so we need to regulate them. Take trans fats out of restaurants. Because surely MacDonald’s is responsible for what you shove in your mouth.

I heard the most incredible thing. A reporter asked Mayor Bloomberg (after a tornado hit at rush hour) why this horrible thing happened to New York at that inopportune time of the day. Folks talked about suing the city. Sue? Because a tornado hit? Because the infrastructure is old, and the subways can’t handle three inches of rain in an hour? Because they didn’t have enough buses? Is New York legally required to have a certain number of buses available? Sue?

Some Newark residents were calling for the impeachment of Mayor Booker when gang members shot four poor young people recently. One talked of suing him. The mayor. The city that has had a crime rate growing steadily for years, and all of a sudden it’s his fault? The father of one of the victims shook his finger at the crowd. “Don’t blame Booker, blame yourselves! How are you raising the children of this city! Where are their fathers?”

What the hell happened to personal responsibility? I’m terrified I’m going to turn into one of those freaking Libertarians like my brother.


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