Thursday Thirteen: The Show About Nothing

1. Anti-Dentite: someone who is prejudiced against people of the dental profession
2. Bad Breaker-Upper: someone who ends a relationship by saying mean things that people don’t generally mean–but means them
3. Breathtaking: what to say about a person (or a baby) when trying to be polite (especially when you don’t mean it)
4. Close Talker: one who speaks to a person at point blank range
5. The Executive: a beltless and loopless trenchcoat or raincoat
6. Low Talker: a woman who speaks in a low, inaudible tone
7. Man-hands: an attractive woman who has very masculine hands
8. Mimbo: a male bimbo
9. Manziere: a bra for older men
10. Non-Pony Country: a country where people in general do not own ponies
11. Puffy Shirt: what to wear as a guest on a TV talk show
12. Shicksappeal: a non-Jewish female who is attractive to Jewish men
13. Shrinkage: what happens to male genitalia in cold water

If you are as sick of these phrases as I am, you probably have a husband like mine with an endless tolerance for Seinfeld. And I know I’m early, but I have meetings tomorrow and it must be Thursday somewhere.


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