When the World Seems Nuts

I’ve noticed a thread on loops, blogs, personal emails. It mirrors the news on TV: miners killed trying to rescue trapped miners, bridges collapsing, horrific earthquake deaths, bizarre shootings, steampipes exploding in the street, fires…natural and manmade disasters at every turn.

Next time I walk down a Manhattan street and see one of the schizophrenics with a sign saying the “End is Near,” I may stop and ask him what he means. Cause baby, it’s feeling that way.

Anyone else? I think there’s a spiritual thread, “The Force,” whatever you want to call it that ties us all together and can spiral in a positive or negative direction. Maybe it’s the planets (despite Madam Phil, I don’t think I believe that). Maybe it’s the media focusing only on disasters.

Or maybe it’s that we’re at war. Sometimes I think we’d all be better off if we had a special news bulletin that said “we are at war. take it in. it’s not a special short-term initiative. it will affect you. look at the pictures of the dead soldiers. war.”

I can’t tell you the number of writers, editors, readers who have within the last month posted that they are cranky. Or that they’ve encountered some personal difficulty–financial, health, loss of a loved one.

I’m going through that too. And I have not been caring for myself as I should. I melted down yesterday. Cried for the better part of a day. Overwhelmed. I should be doing this, that, the other thing. Put my fears about my family aside. Forget about that work project. Focus on the positive and suck it up. Get to work–you have a writing deadline.

You know, I think too many of us are sucking it up. I think when things feel overwhelming, when the world feels nuts, you need to go back to basics. Get sleep. Eat properly. Take a walk. Reconnect with your significant other, figure out if there are problems there. Turn off the computer. Keep the TV on romantic comedies. Americans seem very, very good at burning the candle at both ends. Today, I’m taking a walk, doing a little yoga, writing a little, calling my mom, perhaps read a new book, cook a nice dinner, and kiss my husband. How about you?


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